Division of Fractions

Take a look at the following formula for dividing a fraction by a fraction. If x / y is divided by a / b, it follows that x / y ÷ a / b ⇒ x / y × b / a (reciprocal of a / b is b / a) ⇒ xb / ya Now, if we need to

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Dividing Fractions

To simplify, or reduce, a fraction, you need to find the greatest factor (besides 1) that is common to the numerator and the denominator.
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How to Divide Fractions by Fractions: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

The first step to dividing a fraction by a whole number is to simply write out the fraction followed by the division sign and the whole number you need to divide it by. Let's say we're working with the following problem: 2/3 ÷ 4.

Dividing Fractions in 3 Easy Steps: Your Complete Guide

Dividing Fraction by a Whole Number. While dividing the fractions with whole numbers, the process of division is very easy. Follow the procedure given below. Step 1: The whole number is converted into

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