Which equation represents an inverse variation

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Which equation represents an inverse variation? y = 2x y = y = y

Which equations represent inverse variation? Check all that apply. y = 2x pv = 13 z = (2/x) 4 = (y/x) h = (9g/5) 1 See answer Advertisement elizabethllye is waiting for your help.

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ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 9 Direct and Inverse

Here, when the manpower increases, they will need less than 15 days to complete the same job. So, this is an inverse variation. Let x be the number of men workers and let y be the number of
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Word Problems: Inverse Variation


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Inverse Proportion

Step-by-step explanation: we know that A relationship between two variables, x, and y, represent an inverse variation if it can be expressed in the form or so Find the value of k

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