How to multiply square roots with exponents

What is a “square root”? The square root of a number refers to the factor you can multiply by


Multiplying Radicals of Different Roots

Multiplying square roots with exponents For exponents with the same base, we can add the exponents: (√ a) n ⋅ ( √a) m = a(n+m)/2 Example: (√ 5) 2 ⋅ ( √5) 4 = 5 (2+4)/2 = 5 6/2 = 5 3 = 125

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How Do You Multiply Two Radicals?

When the square root bases and the powers are different, the exponents are evaluated separately and then multiplied. Example: Find the product of (√5) 3 and (√7) 4 Solution: The square root bases and the powers are different. Thus, (√5)

Multiplying Square Roots with Exponents

When multiplying square roots that contain exponents, we must understand how powers and exponents work together. When an exponent is contained within a square root, we can rewrite

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